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Bodybuilding Workout Log is a very easy to use fitness tracker application. Both beginners and experienced lifters (in bodybuilding, power lifting or fitness) will benefit from its simplicity and features which include:

  • free choice of exercises. You do not need to deal with a long list of exercises that you never use in your workouts. Add exercises that you love and name them in a way that is clear to you;
  • import of popular exercises for a quick start;
  • saved training routines with pre-defined exercise selection;
  • dynamic training routines, where one can select exercises on the go (to use this feature, you need to create at least one routine anyway);
  • comments for sets;
  • always visible history of sets, reps, weight, comments and rest times;
  • deletion of incorrectly logged sets;
  • rest timer with vibration and an optional sound notification, which is extremely useful if you train with headphones;
  • option to show best results from each workout only;
  • log of 1RM changes;
  • export of all workout history to a CSV file on the SD card; CSV files can be opened and processed with most spreadsheet editors;
  • summary of achievements after training;
  • backup and restore of all exercises and training history, you can move all created exercises and all training history to another device at any time. The goal of this application is to allow you to workout and log your fitness results without looking at the phone all the time, with as little screen taps as possible. No advanced permissions are required. More social network pages: LinkedIn: