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Liftground is the ultimate training community app. Not only can you use it as a personal trainer, but you will be rewarded and motivated as you share your training plans and workouts with the community. If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut then you know how important it is to keep adapting your training, by trying out other member’s workouts and routines, you can say goodbye to plateaus! With Liftground, you can follow coaches, friends and other athletes and add their training routines to your account. As a premium user you can even create whole routines that last for a day, a month or even plan out your whole year’s training! A clean, simple and easy to use workout builder allows you to create training sessions with any number of sets, reps and exercises you can imagine. Even better, there is no limit on how many workouts you can add to your account! If you regularly do similar workouts then you’ll love our templates feature. Which enables you to add a workout template to any routine or standalone workout. Helping you to build your workouts quickly and easily with little fuss. Liftground keeps you motivated. By letting you know what to train each day, awarding you trophies for numerous achievements and letting you know when someone likes what you are doing. Check your timeline to see who has been training and what exercise everyone has been doing, as well as upcoming events and what routines are popular. If you want to revolutionise your training and become part of a whole fitness community then why not try Liftground today?