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Get set for a fitness revolution with mobiefit BODY. It is the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether it is weight loss, shedding calories, body-building, toning and shaping, or simply learning the right exercise techniques. It features automatic rep counting, fitness tracking after each workout, ability to repeat your training for the day and a feature to perform next day's workouts. This s the only home fitness companion you need to lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, boost your health and get your body in shape! ??Train with Mr World?? With a Mr World 2015 title under his belt, actor and pilot, Anoop Singh gives you all the right diet and fitness tips. His unique workout style showcases his incredible flexibility, body-building expertise and a world-class physique. ??Work out with TV Icon?? Bani J (MTV Roadies alumni) is one of India’s most loved TV personalities. She brings a unique sense of style to all your workouts with her focus on flexibility, nutrition, and shaping and toning! ??No equipment or gym needed?? Start working out anywhere, anytime. With mobiefit BODY, there’s no need for any expensive training equipment. Don’t incur any extra gym costs as you can exercise at home, in the park or in the open! ??Customized training plan?? Not everyone can do 50 squats, pushups or crunches from the start! So mobiefit BODY sets a Benchmark Test to know your fitness level and gives you a customized workout routine based on your ability. ??Automatic rep counts?? Thanks to modern sensor technology, the mobiefit BODY fitness app automatically tracks all your workouts by counting reps and sets for pushups, crunches and squats. ??Quick Workouts?? Don’t want to enter a training program or don't even have time for 7-minute workouts? Quickly choose from Upper Body, Core and Lower Body exercises to finish your workout in under 5 minutes.

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