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Safe365 is a free GPS mobile locator designed to improve the safety of your family and friends by showing you their location in real time. To do so, your protegees will need to have Safe365 app installed. Safe365 also includes a red button for the proteges to press in case of emergency and notifies you immediately when it cannot find your proteges. In addition, with Safe365 you will be able to know:

  • The percentage of battery that your proteges have available
  • The type of Internet connection (WiFi or data) that your proteges have at all times
  • The "state of mobility" of your proteges, that is, if they are still or moving: walking, running, cycling, playing sports or traveling in cars or other means of transport.
  • The distances covered by your proteges every day. With the Safe365 tracker you can save up to 9 usual locations for each of your proteges. Safe365 offers several options depending on the type of place or area you wish to establish.
  • House, School and Work: You can define these three locations for each of your proteges, with a radius of between 150m and 300m.
  • Neighborhood: You can define a neighborhood for each of your proteges, with a radius of between 300m and 1 km.
  • Customizable areas (5): You can define up to five personalized zones for each of your proteges, with a radius of up to 10km. Safe365 will send you security notifications each time your protected person enters or leaves one of their areas, so you can check that they perform their routines normally, something especially useful when your proteges have health conditions.

Safe365's cellphone tracker has three GPS location modes to share:

  • Approximate location
  • Exact location
  • Route The proteges can select and modify whenever they want the type of location they want to share, and even deactivate it temporarily. If you wish, you can also choose to be protected by others, and share your location with them. Download Safe365 and start looking after your loved ones!


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