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Rootless Pixel Launcher

Rootless Pixel Launcher is a fork Launcher3 from AOSP with a port of the Pixel Launcher ’s features that doesn't require root access.

While all Pixel Launcher features have been ported, there is also a large list of extras: Provide simple app suggestions based on the number of drawer clicks. These are not the same as the real Pixel Launcher. Round icons from Android 7.1 Nougat are used when available. Support for icon packs with calendar icons that change with the date. The app filter hides icon packs from the app drawer when using one. There is a screen size profile for a 6×6 grid when the DPI is low. You can open and close notifications from anywhere on the home screen. There is a release link in the settings app when clicking About -> Version. Centered screen popups when left/right would go out of the screen. Remove the popup arrow when it is shifted to prevent clipping. Open the browser when using the search bar when the Google App is unavailable. Themes are hardcoded to look like the Pixel, for compatibility across OEMs. Resize all apps list when opening the keyboard. Use padding underneath the bottom search bar on devices without a navigation bar. Oreo only – Disabled adaptive icons for pre-Oreo apps, so you don’t get boxes inside of boxes.