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PopBoardz dynamically transforms how you: Organize Present Share …your ideas. Put all your file types on one screen (Board). Import PDFs, JPEGs, Notes, Websites and Videos (into Tiles).

Note: Videos can be IMPORTED from iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive only. Import/Export Boardz to and from your Cloud solutions Share Tiles and Boardz Rearrange images inside a Tile Change Thumbnails with Images and/or Text Drop in your own Logos or Backgrounds Mashup new Boardz from existing ones Copy and Paste contents of a Tile Add a website to a Tile Place Videos into Tiles and select any frame as the thumbnail Videos & Photos can be shot directly from within a tile Create as many new Boardz as you’d like Create Notes in a Tile Present Boardz full screen iCloudDrive integrated PopBoardz – 3 Tools. 1 Platform. All Synced Together. iPhone – For the Elevator Pitch iPad – Share with 1 or 100s Mac – Build Boardz Fast Thanks for your patience and support. ?We’ve got plenty more in store for you this year. If you’re loving PopBoardz, please take a moment to leave a review.? It’s super helpful for our other users.