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P3X Redis UI is a new Redis GUI which can serve as a backend server or as a desktop application. Works with multiple languages Works as a backend Works as a desktop via Electron. I took very careful of the error handling (as much I can find errors) Starts with no settings without config, or setup your own config Able to create, test, save, delete multiple connections or a readonly connections setup, for shared usage Able to use the console and interact with Redis TAB or SHIFT + TAB completion like bash is enabled Online you are able to choose the tree separator, for example :, /, -, space etc... or even empty separator It is based on Redis-Commander and phpRedisAdmin You can select the database via console or the drop down. Save button to save the db Full statistics pages, can be useful This is just a New Kind on the Block in the Redis world, so, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in the other Redis GUIs Dark - Dracula / light themes Search There is a key sorting function, which has a penalty, because it sorts with natural compare, which means it is more human display, then just raw characters, but up to 100k the keys is still ok.
This software is more functional than fast ...