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Time is a vital aspect in present fast business scenario. So, you will have to plan your time and track your activities against time to meet deadlines. You need to choose a good timesheet management software or employee time tracking software for accuracy and effective results and OfficeTimeris does exactly this! With timesheet management software like you can set timers as per your convenience. Once you stop timer, the entries will be automatically recorded in your timesheet. The system automatically calculates the exact time taken to complete a project. There is also an option to export timesheet in xls or csv or many other formats. So, you can share the reports with your stakeholders, clients and project managers as a pdf file about the completed tasks.
Timesheet management software serves as an indispensable tool in present times and is required by companies of all industry especially service industries who bill their clients by the hour like Software development, design companies, architecture companies, CPAs, financial consultants.