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timeBuzzer is your complete solution for time tracking.

TIME TRACKING WITH THE ONE AND ONLY HARDWARE BUZZER The Buzzer is the coolest and fastest way to track your time. The Desktop App will open as soon as you touch the Buzzer. Turning the Buzzer will allow you to navigate through customers or projects. This will enable you to record your work time very quickly. Available for Windows and Mac OS. TIME TRACKING WITH THE DESKTOP TIMER Maybe you're often on a business trip or you don't own the hardware buzzer (yet). Just track your time with the desktop timer. Available for Windows and Mac OS.

TIME TRACKING WITH THE MOBILE APP Choose your customers, projects, cost centers or activities and start the timer. It's super simple and super fast. Add notes to your tracked time and edit time entries. Available for Android and iOS.

ONLINE CONSOLE Here you can manage your time entries, make reports with comprehensive filter and list view options and export to .xlsx and .pdf.. You can manage team members and user rights and and edit your and your team members time entries.

TRACK YOUR TIME ON WHAT YOU WANT You have customers? And projects? Or customers and cost centers? Or something different? Everything is possible with the flexbile timeBuzzer Layers. You can define up to three layers with indivdual categories acording to your companies needs. This is the most flexible time tracking solution you will find.