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High intensity workouts: 7-20 min a day. Anytime, anywhere. No gym, no equipment. Paleo diet adapted to your lifestyle and goals. Try it for free and see results in 3 weeks. Mammoth Hunters was created by a team of scientists and nutrition experts to compile the knowledge acquired after helping hundreds of athletes and patients to reach their goals of health, performance or weight loss. Follow our blog at and learn about the basis of our program. Mammoth Hunters is not just a technology product, but a lifestyle coach adapted on mobile for your convenience by high quality designers and engineers.

We are official partners of PaleoTraining™, the most efficient training method ever. Nutrition:

  • Personalized nutrition program based on your physiological parameters, activity level and goals.
  • Follow a nutrition plan 100% synchronized with your workouts to cover your energy requirements both on rest and active days.
  • Recipes built specifically to provide the protein, carbohydrates and fat you need to cover your needs and reach your objective.
  • Get a weekly shopping menu so you can plan in advance. Training:
  • A training program with true science behind.
  • High quality videos of each exercise to teach you proper execution.
  • Custom workouts adapted to your fitness and goals.
  • Absolutely no equipment required!
  • Train at home in the park, in the office...
  • Infinite combination of workouts and exercises so you’ll never get bored. The fitness program has been tested by thousands of people and the results are amazing. In just three weeks you will see incredible changes in your body. That’s why we have made our first 12 sessions completely FREE including basic nutritional advice.

SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS For the fully personalized option, including personalized workouts and a more detailed nutritional advice we offer 2 subscription options:

  • Deer: $5.99 / month
  • Bear: $29.99 / 3 months
  • Mammoth: $44.99 / 1 year


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