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Go for FaceBook

Go for Facebook is the best and most powerful Mac app for Facebook. It is fully feature packed with no in-app purchases! This is an incredibly slick and gorgeously designed app that allows you to quickly access your Facebook account directly from your Mac's menu bar. KEY FEATURES: • Instant access to Facebook via your Mac's menu bar • Awesome color-coded notifications with audio alerts • Choose between desktop (full sized browser view) & mobile (condensed view) modes • Popup notifications support • Facebook Chat support with notifications • Ability to turn off Facebook distractions/ads • Window opacity control • Resizable window • Ability to run app via both the menu bar and the Dock • Fullscreen support • Slick touch gestures support • Accessibility options with font size modification, hotkeys and Voiceover support BENEFITS OF GO FOR FACEBOOK: • The best Facebook experience on your Mac • The ability to use Facebook without a web browser window/tab • Visually pleasing design and interface • Always being connected yet undistracted • Regular free updates