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Arcade Blocks

Arcade Blocks is a new twist of the classic Tetris. You can play in 2 different game modes: Classic and Time mode. In Classic mode you have unlimited time to play and you can use powerups. In Time mode on the other hand, you have only 120 seconds to destroy as many blocks as possible and score a greater number of points. Careful though, if the grid gets full you lose. Main features:

  • Tetris-like gameplay with an unique approach
  • Use powerups such as BOMB (removes an area 3x3), DYNAMITE (removes an area 4x4) and LASER (removes a 6-blocks area)
  • Classic and Time play modes
  • Automatic game saves in Classic mode
  • Buy powerups via the in-app market
  • Game tutorial to ease things up (comes with a bonus)


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