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ActiveDock - Alternative Dock for macOS, Apple Dock replacement Customizable Dock for macOS, Application Launcher,Window Manager/Window Switcher, Star Menu for Mac… Problem: Apple Dock is the command center for your Mac. With Apple Dock you can run applications, switch between apps, open documents and links. Unfortunately, Apple Dock lacks many useful features such as managing windows and switching between windows, appearance customizations, hiding app icons. Solution: ActiveDock is a full replacement for Apple Dock with many new features. ActiveDock allows grouping of documents and apps, quicker switching between apps and windows, managing windows right from Window Previews panel. Also you can customize the appearance of icons and the dock itself as you need. Features:

  • Window Previews and Window Management With Window Previews feature you can quickly find the window you need, switch between windows or place windows to the front of the screen.
  • Customizable Appearance and Custom Icons for Apps and Folders With the help of custom themes you can make your Dock unique. Custom icons for apps not only make your Dock beautiful, but also allow you to find apps you need quickly. Groups and Folders Organize apps and documents into Folders and Groups. Folder View feature allows you to add to the Dock a stack with the contents of your chosen folder for quick access. Groups feature allows to create a virtual folder in the Dock or Start Menu with the links to any file you need.Start Menu – Application Launcher Allows you to quickly start apps, open documents and folders. *Hiding and excluding Applications from the Dock With ActiveDock you can exclude hidden apps from the Dock,or add some apps to the exclude list to completely hide them from the Dock to avoid any distractions in your work.