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Hassle-free management of multiple database formats, customary and convenient Windows Explorer-like interface, fast-paced operation and a bunch of pro features is what makes xBaseView Database Explorer a perfect solution both for newbie users and experienced database administrators. The following database formats are supported: .dbf (VFP/FoxPro/dBase/Clipper), .dbc (Visual FoxPro), .db (Paradox), .mdb (Access), .myd (MySQL), .gdb (Interbase), .fdb (Firebird), .mdf (MS SQL Server), .xls (Excel), .csv (Text), .tab (Text), .htm (Text), .html (Text), .xml (CDS and ADO XML), .cds (Borland Client Data Set), .udl (ADO Universal Data Link), .dsn (ODBC Data Source Name), .bde (Borland DB Engine Aliases), .ib (Interbase XE), .accdb (Access 2007/2010), .xlsx (Excel 2007/2010), .xml (any XML), .db (SQLite), .db (SQLAnywhere), .udl (Oracle), .udl (PostgreSQL), .udl (Cache)