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Primo Ramdisk is the second generation of VSuite Ramdisk product. It brings new features and improved performance, as well as a friendlier user interface. As VSuite Ramdisk did, Primo Ramdisk also provides a solution to speed up your computer by overcoming current hard disk bottleneck issue. It allows you to emulate hard disks using available physical memory. Because the access speed of physical memory is so much faster than most kinds of storage, this greatly speeds up your computer with reduced access time to files, which in turn, shows a huge improvement in overall performance. Primo Ramdisk features a host of powerful functions and options maximizing performance and applicability. Primo Ramdisk supports up to 128 virtual disks. Each virtual disk can identify itself to Windows as a real physical hard disk or as a logical disk. It can be formatted with any Windows supported file system. Furthermore, Primo Ramdisk allows you to customize file system settings if necessary. Primo Ramdisk also provides strong ability to rapidly save/restore ramdisk contents to/from an image file. Thus a ramdisk's contents can be preserved across computer restarts, in spite of the volatility of physical memory. In addition, Primo Ramdisk offers unique features to effectively and efficiently manage system memory. It is able to dynamically allocate or release system memory for ramdisks, making better use of memory. Primo Ramdisk also implements the Unified Invisible Memory Management Interface (UIMMI) to create ramdisks from Invisible Memory, thereby overcoming the Windows limits on amount of system memory and allowing all installed physical memory to be fully utilized. Besides ramdisks, Primo Ramdisk also supports to create hybrid-disks and file-disks, greatly extending its functionality. Main Feature List Disk Features Supports ramdisk, hybrid-disk, and file-disk. Supports SCSI disk, Direct-IO disk. Supports one-time virtual disk. Supports up to 128 virtual disks.

Memory Features Supports Dynamic Memory Management (DMM). Supports Unified Invisible Memory Management Interface (UIMMI). Supports to access memory above 4 GB.

File System Features Supports FAT/FAT32/NTFS file systems. Supports user-defined cluster size. Supports user-defined volume label, serial number and drive letter. Supports user-defined folders. Supports user-defined NTFS file system settings (compression, indexing, and permission).

Image File Features Supports image file format: Plain/Smart/Compressed Image. Supports load/save functions: Load Only, Save at Shutdown, Save Before Removal, Timing Save, Real-time Save, and Manual Save. Supports Delay Load mode. Supports Quick Save mode.

Other Features Supports system paging files. Supports command line interface (CLI). Supports multilingual user interface. Integrates mini tools to easily utilize virtual disks.

  • Not all editions of Primo Ramdisk support the listed features. For a complete feature comparison among editions, please see Edition Comparison.
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