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??Run a complete PHP and MySQL server!?? Now you can run a DyDNS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, PHP, MySQL and/or Remote Control server on your Android phone/tablet! The perfect suite for web developers or for turning your Android into a serious server! It even includes a remote control option to start/stop/add servers remotely and you can use the MySQL monitor to manager the MySQL server. This app allows for a trial period of 6 days. Keep your web projects in your pocket and always available on the road with this complete web server! ??Most complete app!?? The app has even more functionality compared to other PHP and MySQL Server apps like KSWEB, PAW Server, Bit Web Server and AndroPHP! ??No root required!?? Included servers

  • PHP Server (includes PHPMyAdmin, PHPSysInfo and PHPFileManager)
  • Lighttpd Server
  • MySQL database server
  • FTP Server
  • SFTP Server
  • FTPS Server
  • SSH Server (with SCP support)
  • Remote Control Server
  • Dynamic DNS Updater: DNSdynamic, DNSexit, DNSMadeEasy, DNSPark, DtDNS, DynDNS, easyDNS, eNom, HE.net, Joker, Namecheap, No-IP, DNS-O-Matic, ZoneEdit, ChangeIP Features
  • MySQL Monitor
  • Optional password login for the app
  • Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP
  • Use the WIFI / SMS / call / power or cronjob triggers to start / stop servers!
  • Use notification rules to receive an SMS, email, etc on start, stop, etc.
  • You can set a custom name, port, network interface to listen on, backlog, logging, logging to file, start on boot per server. And if rooted you can set a port below the 1024 ports range.
  • Widget support!
  • Now you can remote control the app!
  • General information about your device.
  • Extensive logging (with support logging to files). Visit us on: http://www.icecoldapps.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IceColdApps Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IceColdApps