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Time Management Expert

Time Management Expert is a Time Management and Project Management tool. It can help you to audit and analyse your time spends per your tasks and projects, save your time and make your life much more productive. Application monitors what you are doing on your computer, tracks time you spent and store information locally. You can easily look for your activity chronology and spent time for selected period of time. Application support tasks and projects. Application has smart logic and can classify your activity and automatically allocate it to projects and tasks. Just work and forget of pushing button Start and Stop every time when you change your task you work on. Feel free. Application monitors time you spend online on specific websites like YouTube, Facebook and on any others. It monitors spent time in applications (like Skype, Messengers), working with documents and emails and so on. Time Management Expert integrated with JIRA, the famous project management system. You can import from there Projects and Issues, register working time (Log Work) based on information about User activity. Application ready to use and has already prepared common projects and tasks for different fields of the life. Just start and use. Application integrated with Skype and has ability to differentiate chats for different groups and users.

Different reports are available for you to get sufficient information that you need. Application works in the background and don't disturb User. When you need you can start reports to get necessary information. In order to Log work on time application provides ability to notify User about necessity of the Logging Work and start Logging Work procedure. At any moment of the time you have actual total information how much time you spent on different tasks during the day.