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The Great Discarder

"The Great Discarder" is a clone of the authors other open source chrome extension "The Great Suspender". It was built to take advantage of Google's new 'tab discarding' functionality which is essentially a native implementation of tab suspension. This implementation is more robust and performant, both in the resources consumed by the extension, and the memory savings of the tab suspension. It is also compatible with chrome tab history syncing. Advantages over The Great Suspender:

  • More memory savings
  • Compatible with chrome tab syncing
  • Super lightweight extension that uses no content scripts or persistent background scripts Disadvantages over The Great Suspender:
  • No visibility on which tabs have been suspended
  • Unable to prevent a tab from reloading when it gains focus


This Chrome/Iron extension is inspired by the excellent Firefox extension - BarTab, although it's much less sophisticated and ...