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Heroes have invaded your home! Rescue your kind and make your great eggscape! Embark on a quest in beautiful grasslands in a span of 4 seasons against the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Mechanic heroes. Save the baby monsters by hatching eggs and running away before Heroes turn you into XP (experience points). Play and plan your great eggscape!

Features: • Easy to play, difficult to master gameplay. • Single touch controls perfect for those pick up and play moments. • Procedurally generated levels means no eggscape is the same. • Play during Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring. Experience eggscaping throughout the seasons. • Leaderboards - compare with your friends and the world to see who is the greatest Eggscapist of them all! • Free wallpaper for your phone for every monster you unlock!



PlanetX, the last home of human race is under serious threat. While the space warships fight the enemies out there, the alread ...