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Tagz: A file can only be in one folder. But with tags, a file can have multiple associations. However, most filesystems only support folders but not tags. That is what Tagz solves. Tagz uses file names to store tags in brackets. This makes it better than most tags software which store tagz in a proprietary database. Since the tags are in the file names, they stay with the file when you move it to another computer or even to another operating system. Also, if you decide to stop using Tagz, you still have the tags with your files and you can use your operating system's search instead. Tagz is based on the unix philosophy of doing only one thing and doing it well. It does not try to be a file manager, a note taking app, a todo list or a media player. It enables you to quickly locate a file using tags or its name and open it using your favorite app.

Tagz enables you to quickly add or remove tags to multiple files at once. Tagz enables you to save your collection of files in a list so you can load all the files again quickly. Tagz is cross-platform and works on both Windows and OSX.