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Turn a collection of photos and videos into a shareable story. Do you have a bunch of photos in your Camera Roll collecting dust? Storehouse is a fast and easy way to share a collection of photos from your iPhone or iPad. It’s a great way to create a collage, album or tell a story and share all of the moments that made the memory. • Select photos and videos from your Camera Roll (or Instagram, Flickr & Dropbox) and Storehouse will automatically generate a beautiful page you can send to your friends • Every page is private until you choose how you want to share it • Send a link by SMS, iMessage, or Email • Add up to 50 photos and videos to each page • Customize a layout by pulling the handles on any photo or video • Rearrange your images by simply dragging them around the page • Easily add text to any page • Embed pages on your blog or share them to social networks like Facebook and Twitter • Invite a group of friends to a space so they can privately share their photos too • Allow others to save your photos and videos to their Camera Roll