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Shortwave is an extensible quick-search and shortcut bookmark. Drag the Shortwave bookmark onto your browser bookmarks bar. Clicking the bookmark will result in a JavaScript prompt. Shortwave responds to commands. A command consists of a predefined trigger plus optional search terms. To search Wikipedia for “bookmarklet” you would type w bookmarklet into the prompt and hit enter. You could also select the text before invoking Shortwave and just type w then hit enter. Some commands don’t require search terms. To see your current IP address you would type ip. To open the resulting page in a new window simply prefix your entire command with a space. Shortwave includes a number of useful default commands but you can also add your own by pointing to a custom commands file. Comments in the default commands file explain how to create your own. Shortwave is perfect for iPhone/iPod touch and anyone using multiple browsers/computers on a regular basis. Because no data is stored in the bookmark (other than the url of your custom commands file) every browser you use stays in sync automatically.