Shibulsky is a free Web Based RSS Reader. Collects and organizes feeds for you. No signing up required.

Key Features The Feed Directory: rather than having you find, organize, and maintain your list of feeds, we do the work for you. We post many of the most popular feeds, organized by category. Local: In addition, we have collected thousands of local news feeds, which we display depending on the location information you provide. My Feeds: you can add additional sources to “my feeds”. This feature most resembles traditional rss readers. Save for Later : You can mark individual items and view them later. Staff Picks: we look for good journalism and other particularly interesting or original content and highlight it in in our staff picks section.

More to Come Social Integration: we are planning to make it easier to share content via the usual social media networks. Mobile: we are working on a more mobile friendly version of the site. Eventually we want to build a mobile app to go with the website.