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What is polltogo? It's an easy and quick way to get instant feedback from your friends, audience, clients, classroom, viewers, or even your readers (magazines, newspapers, etc). Create a poll, then share the generated short URL or QR code. Voters can use ANY kind of internet-connected device (desktop browser, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, even older WAP-based phones) to participate. No app download required, though there is an app to help poll creators. HOW IS POLLTOGO DIFFERENT?

  1. Each poll you create is private and known only by you. Unless you turn on findability by geolocation, we never disseminate any of your polls publicly. This way you can decide how to share: target narrowly (by email, SMS, in your Keynote/PowerPoint presentation, etc.) or widely (print in a newspaper, share on Twitter, etc).
  2. A polltogo will display on any mobile or desktop device, NO APP DOWNLOAD REQUIRED by the audience/voter.