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Website and social network publishing system dedicated to photographers with high quality image resampling and protected content. Top features : Global advertising on Piikx.com homepage Personal website with private image database Caption and image protection IPTC/EXIF compliant with metadata import Dynamic image resampling Autotweet to announce new photosets with IPTC keywords as hashtags, watermarked image with link to photographer's website Contact for for inquiries Easy drag & drop upload Easy drag & drop image reordering Copyright reminder Downloadable PDF "memo" for image seachers and professionals with photographer's contact and website URL Downloadable image samples including watermark protection and photographer's website URL

Concept Tour : http://www.piikx.com/offer/concept/

Videos : http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x4gs91_itchiweb_piikx-com/1#video=x49mtl9 Piikx.com existe aussi en version fran├žaise : http://www.piikx.com/fr/offer-fr/concept/ http://www.piikx.com/fr/