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Outclass your mobile with NEOPARD! The most powerful data saver on the market. A free, simple and efficient solution to extend your data plan while keeping all your applications under control. By installing NEOPARD you will be able to : • Extend and enjoy longer your limited data plan • Improve the network’s quality and speed even if your data plan is unlimited • Reduce your bill when traveling abroad or when exceeding your data plan limits • Visualize and control your mobile applications data consumption Increase your mobile connection speed NEOPARD speeds up your mobile connection and acts as a booster for your data traffic. By compressing the data volume and optimizing the network traffic, NEOPARD can increase your speed up to 10 times. Less data transmitted for higher speed! Take control of your data consumption NEOPARD offers you real-time visibility on the data consumption of all your mobile applications. This allows you to quickly identify the most data consuming applications and take the appropriate action: block, compress or bypass traffic. NEOPARD helps you better understand your data consumption, extend your data plan and reduce significantly the roaming costs. You can follow up your overall data consumption or per application at any time and adjust the default configuration according to your own preferences. Expand your possibilities and reduce your bill No more limited bandwidth, restricted connection and high bills when traveling abroad or exceeding your data plan. NEOPARD extends your data plan to offer you more freedom. Whether using 2G, 3G or 4G, your traffic containing text, images or videos, NEOPARD optimizes most of the applications and can save up to 90% without losing any data. You can choose the compression rate to apply at any given moment thanks to setting preferences left free to the user. Technical details NEOPARD uses the Android VPN function in order to process and optimize data traffic through NEOPARD compressing servers.