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myWebRoom is a unique web-based visual bookmarking platform that allows you to create a virtual room online and use it to organize your favorite websites, discover new content, and share your favorite finds. How does it work? Express yourself by adding trendy furniture, cutting-edge electronics, and cool, curated art to your room. Once you’re done designing, all that you have to do is click on the objects (furniture, pieces of decor, etc.) to access different categories of bookmark folders. Shop, socialize, book a vacation, listen to music, and watch movies all from your room. What makes it unique? myWebRoom lets you create an interactive profile using the products that you love. These products then double as bookmark folders where you can intuitively organize your content any way that you want. For example, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu can be stored inside of your television while your favorite photo sharing sites can be stored inside of your camera. New bookmarking service: Your room is your doorway to the internet - all of your bookmarks are tied to the objects in your room. Work efficiently on the web and never lose any information! You can create as many bookmark folders as you need and with one click add valuable content to any folder. The internet is a busy place and we’re constantly being inundated with new content every day. myWebRoom provides you with up-to-date, trending, and curated content based on your interests. The advantages of myWebRoom: Easy to access -Travel anywhere on the globe without your computer, login to your room, and have everything you need always waiting for you.Simple, visual tool for sorting, organizing and searching content -Easily add any link to as many folders as you need -Add notes to your saved content to personalize your experience -Efficiently search based on your interests -Organize content, images, videos, and sites into folders you create A new way to discover the web .