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Multiplicity enables a user to control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse. Multiplicity is installed on networked PCs to create a virtual KVM switch with two modes of operation. In Seamless keyboard and mouse mode the mouse cursor can be freely moved across multiple PCs each with their own monitors. In Remote keyboard, video, mouse mode many PCs can be controlled from a single PC while sharing a monitor; the controlled PCs are not required to have an attached monitor, keyboard or mouse. Any combination of Seamless and Remote modes can be simultaneously active across multiple PCs.
Primary Features: •Control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse •Use one monitor (KVM) or connect monitors to each PC (KM) •Drag and drop files and folders of any size between PCs •Copy and paste text and images between PCs •Lock / unlock all PCs at once from one keyboard •Listen to audio from multiple PCs through one PC Unique Capabilities:

  • Virtual KVM Switch that does not require any switch boxes or cables
    • Seamless capabilities enabling smooth control transition between connected computers
    • Uses network to extend KVM capabilities to computers anywhere on the network
    • No external cloud service required to connect and control remote PCs
    • No monthly or annual use fees Common Applications:
  • Emergency Command and Control Rooms to improve speed and efficiency of communications to first responders
  • Trading desks to improve the speed and accuracy of trades being performed by Traders all around the world
  • Dynamometer testing cells, to eliminate the need for multiple keyboards and mice in a multi-PC workstation
  • IT Support desks to provide remote desktop support (frequently displaces VNC due to Multiplicity's better performance and lower cost)
  • Home users who want to share one keyboard and mouse with multiple PCs (i.e. work laptop and home PC) and control remote PCs in other rooms from one PC