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Memory Cleaner X

Memory Cleaner X is an app to monitor memory usage and clean up your memory. Memory Cleaner X increases your Mac’s performance by cleaning cached memory, making more memory available for new apps.

The application monitors RAM usage on your computer and frees up unused memory with one click. With Memory Cleaner X, you can easily manage memory usage. An animated status icon in the menu bar shows you the percentage of memory being used, as well as memory cleaning being run. Features: • Memory usage information displayed in the menu bar • Memory usage per application • Manual memory free up when needed • Automatic memory free up Memory Free Up activates the memory free-up function. Memory Free Up also allows you to see the date and size of your latest memory clean up. Automatic mode allows you to clear your inactive RAM automatically. You can set the time period and the percentage of memory usage to be cleaned. Memory Cleaner X cleans RAM caches, making the reallocation of memory to new apps much faster.