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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon is a browser with innovative features, speed and security.

Features Tabbed document interface Saves open tabs in case of program shutdown or system crash Undo for any tabs accidentally closed AD Hunter - an ad blocking utility that blocks pop-up ads, Web banner and floating ads in webpages Adobe Flash, Java applet and ActiveX blocker Support for custom skins Customizable tabs and user interface Programmable mouse gestures and mouse chording External utility bar – a toolbar that allows you to open third-party programs RSS reader Supports many Internet Explorer plugins as well as plugins of its own Partial Gecko engine support with the use of a third-party program A user extensible search toolbar with 8 default search engines Automatic updates Groups – the ability to bookmark & open multiple pages simultaneously URL aliases – open URLs by just typing a word in the address bar Simple collector – a small notepad-like utility, used to collect text from web pages. Scripts and macros can be run in the current web page Integrated web services – user extensible, including by default translators, Google's cached version of pages, Whois, and anonymous web proxies