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Learn languages by immersing yourself in a world of interesting, authentic content! Start with easy beginner lessons but quickly progress into learning languages from interesting, authentic content. 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all with transcript. LingQ even lets you import and learn from any content you find on the web! Start your language learning journey today! Listen and follow along in the lesson text. Look up and save new words and phrases to your personal database. Track which words you know and which words are new to you. Watch your vocabulary and your avatar grow! Track all your language learning activities including listening time, words of reading and more. Review and learn your new vocabulary in context and using our proprietary SRS review tools. Register your account and have your data synced to our web application so you can study on the web along with your mobile devices. The LingQ app also lets you work offline and syncs up when you get back online. This lets you take advantage of dead time and short breaks throughout the day to spend more time with your new language.


  • 1000’s of hours of downloadable audio files all with transcript
  • Look up and save new vocabulary using multiple integrated dictionary resources
  • Review vocabulary using SRS review system
  • Track how many words you know, which words are new & which you are learning
  • Keep all your learning statistics including listening and reading time
  • Use Playlist to easily play and shuffle all your current lessons
  • Sync word data, playlist data and lesson data to the web and across devices
  • Study offline and update data when back online
  • Manage all your saved vocabulary
  • See your learning targets and measure your progress
  • Watch your avatar grow as your language grows
  • Study all 25 available languages No other app will take you as far. LingQ will take you all the way to fluency!