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Lambda the Ultimate is a community blogging website about programming languages, their theory and their research created in 2000 by Ehud Lamm.

The site is dedicated to the study of programming languages, in all their details and glory. Mostly this site deals with issues directly related to programming languages, and programming language research. However, we allow ourselves moderate forays to bordering issues like programmabiliy and language in general. If you have a specific programming problem in some language then I suggest you go to a forum dedicated to the language or tool you are using. This weblog is dedicated to the study of general properties of programming languages and not to language specific programming tips. If you want to answer a langugae or tool specific programming problem posted to the LtU discussion group - don't post here; send email.

Notice there are interesting posts in the discussion group, that are not linked from the homepage. How does this Weblog work? Manila has a lot of configuration preferences that allow you to define the kind of site you want to run. This site is set up for open membership, that is, anyone can become a member of the site. Members can post messages to the discussion group and can receive email bulletins. Be sure to check the discussion group where most of the action is! Your contributions are welcome, in the form of questions, announcements etc. However, abusive or off-topic posts will be deleted immediately. This is a service for professonals only. I'd be happy to have many folks contributing to the site, so if you are interested in becoming a contributing editor - just let me know.

Echo JS

Echo JS

Echo JS is a community-driven news site entirely focused on JavaScript development, HTML5, and front-end news.