Scoopy quick inside manipulation of windows folders with excessive (optional?) features but useful preview on paid version. The website is up to date (Nov 2018). The free limit-ware version comes with limits:

  • 4 menus can be created at maximum;
  • Not more than 2 program features can be activated at a time;
  • The number of installed plug-ins is limited to 2 Strong Windows alternative to MAC folder glance and finderpop. Also consider interesting abandonware Power Drawers and Fast Folders. These product sites appear untouched from 2003 / XP. FOLLOW UP: I used Approach a few days and it's a keeper. Curious though on a couple of points - the big issue is with lack of drag and drop into a directory folder. You can drag and drop out, but not in. You can, however, copy and paste in or in-between. This isn't mentioned in the documentation. Definitely a gem in the rough.