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Hide Secrets

Do you have secrets? Then Hide It. Hide Secrets is one of the best Android App for hiding your secrets when your phone is not in your hand. Hide Pictures, Text Messages / SMS, Videos, Applications/ apps, Any Files, Contacts, Call Logs, Albums and Notes in your Android phone. Hide Secrets lets you hide everything you can imagine - Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Pictures, Videos, Any kind of Files, Lock Apps and hide personal data in the secret vault. Main features of Hide Secrets:

  • Secret Contacts, Call logs, Text Messages. You can create a secret contact. All the calls and text messages from those secret contacts would always be hidden from the default call logs and messages app and would be safe in secret vault.
  • App Locker. WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Phone, Gallery, File Manager... Lock anything you like with the AWESOME App Locker provided within Hide Secrets.
  • Fake Crash (Premium) - with this feature enabled, others will always think that your app is getting crashed while only you know how to open your secret app.
  • Secret Pictures, Videos, Files, Notes. You can hide any of your pictures, videos, audio files or any other files and you can also store your secret notes safely within the Hide Secrets app/ secret vault.