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Ready to design your lifestyle? Build new tiny habits that make a huge difference. Habitloop shows you what tiny steps are the most efficient and how to make them stick for good! This habit forming methodology was proven in over 100 studies.

WARNING! Pick your habits carefully, because you become what you do regularly. Here is how it works: Let’s say, if you want to start losing weight, you’ll need to develop few efficient habits. Here is one: “After I enter the office building, I will take the stairs.” The app will remind you about it at first, but overtime your natural action trigger (entering the office building) will take over. The more often you allow your new action to be triggered by natural cue, the higher the chance that habit sticks for a long long time. With tiny smart habits you craft the lifestyle that would allow you to achieve anything you want and become who you want to become. Select smart habit idea! Habit ideas in the app are based on scientific evidence. Also rated and reviewed by users. Invest your time wisely. Pick the habit idea that matches your lifestyle and goal. We encourage you not to develop more than 3 habits at once – it slows down the process. If you couldn’t find the habit idea you liked, you can create your own habit idea. How to succeed: Once you see the notification, check your habit action and do the action. The longer you stay consistent with your actions the higher the chance of success. Check out your consistency rate on the chart! Once you feel like you don’t make any decisions before the new action, that means the connection was formed in your brain and you will continue doing it no matter what. Always try to find the feeling or reward in everything you do (for e.g.: I run up the hill and I smile when looking at the view). Best regards, Habitloop team

iPro Habit Tracker

iPro Habit Tracker

Description “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Let Good Habits Drive Yo ...