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AdMob brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so you can gain insights about your users and maximize your ad revenue. No longer will you have to rely on a combination of tools or use precious development resources to build your own solution. Grow your business with a trusted partner: Powered by Google’s ad technology - Google has helped millions of developers grow their digital businesses for over a decade. Cross-platform capability - AdMob can be used with all of the top platforms: Android and iOS, with support for leading game engines such as Unity and Cocos2d-x. Auto updates on Google Play - AdMob’s integration with Google Play services pushes automatic performance improvements to Android apps without additional SDK changes. Monetize smarter: Earn more with mediation - Mediate from the AdMob network and over 40 third-party ad networks to maximize your fill rates and increase earnings. Enable ad network optimization to generate the highest CPM from your mediation stack in real time. Promote your apps for free - Cross-sell your other apps (or your friend’s apps) to your existing users, using free AdMob house ads. Direct deals - Run your own directly-negotiated ad deals with advertisers through AdMob Campaigns. Easy automation: Get paid fast - Get paid in local currencies quickly and reliably, with no wire fees charged by AdMob. Easy and free - The SDK can be installed quickly, and there are no standard fees for using the platform. Understand your users: Free, unlimited analytics with Firebase - Link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase and start making smarter decisions about your business. Gain insights into your Android and iOS apps with Firebase Analytics. Build audiences in Firebase to segment your users, then view reports to understand which ones are earning you the most revenue.