GESTICS TRADITIONAL GAMES is a simple program to create graphical representations, sports exercises, drills and trainings, tutorials, techniques and tactics in traditional games. This program is particularly suitable for students and teachers, athletes, speakers, coaches, and fans in general, who want to quickly and easily create graphical representations relating to traditional games. In fact, with a few simple mouse movements you can set up various types and various views of the golf game, suitable for the performance of motion games and traditional games in general (eg. Flag, dodgeball, hawk, ...) and also some fields of the major sports (Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball), have players and objects, set the trajectory of the ball, and so on. In this package you can find several images that represent players in static positions (standing, kneeling, prone, supine and lateral, in squat, ...) and dynamic (run, jump, throw, ...) of base: the players, balls, golf accessories, training, etc.. These images, all in vector format, are very suitable for the construction of exercises and traditional games.