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Have you been a fan of IPScan32? Then you'll love Dipiscan! Why am I so sure of that? My answer in a few points:

  • its ergonomics, very close to that of IPScan32 so that you are not too disturbed,
  • its look, slightly modernized,
  • its features, enriched by the integration of those of WakeOnLan and the ability to modify / delete / add columns of information
  • its operation which no longer relies on DOS commands (PING, NBTSTAT, ARP, NSLOOKUP) whose use could cause problems on "localized" versions of Windows (translated into a language other than English or French) English),
  • its parameterization, allowing to more precisely configure the analyzes,
  • ts command line mode (DipiscanBatch.exe), for those who need to automate scan analysis,
  • its use in "portable" mode, thus the absence of installer,
  • but especially: its speed, because Dipiscan is not an evolution of IPScan32: it is a new tool totally re-thought and re-written in a language of modern development. No more VB5, now C# and multi-threading are in the place! Result: when the analysis of a strand previously required between 3 minutes and 5 minutes, sometimes even more, it is now completed in 10 to 20 seconds! And this by going back as much information as before, if not more. In short, I think it is not necessary to make a longer speech, I let you discover the replacement of IPScan32 (which will soon disappear). To work, Dipiscan and DipiscanBatch need the .NET Framework 4...
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