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Denwer is a collection of often-used web-servers for web-programmers. It is used to debug web-sites under Win32. Denwer includes: friendly installer; Apache; PHP; MySQL; Perl; virtual host management system; phpMyAdmin; sendmail stub; start/stop manager.

What is "Denwer" ? Small WAMP kinda installation for developing purposes There is an incredible package called Denwer. It's official site is in russian language but you can probably manage to download the install. Toolkit for site debugging on "homey" (local) Windows-machine with no need to connect to Internet. Includes pre-configured, but customizable Apache+PHP+MySQL+phpMyAdmin+Perl (5.5 Ì total) and automatic subsystem of multiple virtual host processing. What it does? installs apache installs php, mysql and perl configures this all to work together so after install you only need to put your php code on mounted after install Z: drive, everything will work right away. You may develop simultaneously as much site as you it is necessary. If You don't have a webserver software installed -- launch it (it is a self-extratable zip archive bundled with Perl-written install script for Windows) and it will install the complete Denwer suite which contains Apache/Win, PHP, Perl, MySQL, ans so on. The whole thing is very well configured and in most cases it self-installs without any problem. The only problem You may probably get -- the included docs are in russian.