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Daze - 100 Tricky Puzzles

"Daze is the smartest use of an Android Phone I’ve seen in a long while" "Daze is more than just a puzzle - it's a cleverly unique experience that will engage all aspects of your device as you figure out what you have to do to move on ... They're quite simple, tricky and yet so much fun" “It's the sort of brilliant party piece, where you just want to show it to someone who hasn't played it before, and watch the cogs turn in their head, and see their eyes light up when they try out their silly solutions. It's an tricky game” Get ready to be puzzled and amazed as you prod, shake, and dance your way through 100 Black & Green Puzzles!

Can You Make the Screen Green in 100 Levels ?! Daze is 100 tricky and puzzling moments in the life of your Android Phone. Follow the playful and puzzling clues - use creative movements, sounds, and touch to find solutions. Daze makes you do physical actions and body movements ! In each step you need to find a solution by shaking your phone, physical displacement, rotation, and other movements ! Each of the tricky riddles in Daze is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. In one level you are asked to put your nose on the device screen and look at the sky ! Daze is one of the best tricky puzzle games with a series of tricky puzzles. This game is based on solving problem with physical movement and creative thinking.

"Daze will challenge all your expectations"

WebSite : https://dazepuzzle.com Free Download on Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dazepuzzle.daze