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Commit: Track & Achieve Goals

Commit will motivate you to achieve your goals - no matter how big or small, crazy or simple. By holding yourself socially and financially accountable to your goals, you will be more driven than ever before. Made a dent on your bucket list recently? How are those New Year Resolutions going? Yeah, same here, and that’s why we created Commit. If you’re tired of never following through on your goals, then this is the tool for you. Tried “habit builders” and “goal trackers” before? Commit is different. Here are a couple things that make us different and effective: -FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Research shows that the chance of successfully achieving your goals increases by up to 72% if money is put on the line. Set up a goal, choose your favorite nonprofit organization and an amount of money to put on the line, and get started. The wager should be enough to motivate you to follow through on your goal, but if you stumble (and only then) your money will go towards the organization you selected. Trust us, you won’t slack off so quickly next time! -SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Research also shows that your chances of success increase by 33% if your goals are shared with others. When you join Commit, you join a community of people also driven to achieve their goals. Follow the progress of other users while they follow yours - it’s an excellent form of motivation! The best part of Commit is how easy it is for you to use: -Create, edit and track any and all types of goals -Set reminders and notifications so that you never forget the commitment you’ve made -Check-in as necessary to mark your progress so we know you’re sticking with your goals. Most goals go to the Community, so they require a picture or video to check-in. If you decide to hold yourself accountable for any of your goals then checking-in simply requires the tap of a button! -Check out submissions from other users to motivate yourself and them