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Camera360 is a full-featured camera application complete with classic and original photo filters, live selfie stickers and masks, image sharing and built-in community options for getting your photos noticed worldwide. [Capture Challenge] Let those photos out of their albums and PK with Camera360 users worldwide!

Unique voting rank system, select the ones you like

Each photo will receive comments and support from a global audience

Exquisite prize system, a most rewarding competition

[Classic Filters] Don’t settle for ordinary! Put some magic into your photos, stunning visuals are just one stroke away!

Over 100 classic filters, become a photography connoisseur

New filter management function, allows you to save, delete and prioritize filters; satisfy your personal preferences

Star Story, Magic Effect and Storm HDR, among other exclusive innovative filters

[Selfie] Say goodbye to those fake looking photos, and get ready for natural skin effects!

Touch screen capture: tap anywhere to take a picture

Light filler: take selfies at night

One stroke beautify: face thinning, eye enlargement and skin smoothing, all with just one tap; instantly become a goddess!

3D facials: highlight facial contours, to make your features more refined and exquisite

[Functions] SLR photography experience, what are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to those old, heavy traditional cameras!

Multiple integrated functions: smart scene recognition, real-time blur and vignette

Capture: lightning fast focus; manually adjust exposure and focal length

Advanced adjustments: professional level white balance and aperture adjustments

[Edit] Never doubt your own potential. Don’t know how to use Photoshop? No problem! Just move your fingers around a little and you can become a Photoshop master too! Crop, rotate, color temperatures, tones, etc. among 10 professional adjustment functions.