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Ship quality code faster. Distribute QA tests to professional software testers directly from GitHub and Bitbucket issues. Spend less time testing, and more time writing and shipping quality code. Software testing and Quality Assurance is an often overlooked part of the development cycle, especially for startups to mid-size development teams who are more likely to skip thorough QA and testing, seen as time-consuming and expensive, in favour of shipping new features and releases as quickly as possible. Bugdojo is bot-powered continuous QA-as-a-Service, giving development teams access to experienced and skilled software testers on-demand. Integrating Bugdojo with your software development workflow takes just seconds. Simply Authorise Bugdojo with your GitHub or Bitbucket account, and select the repo you want to work with. Automate manual software testing by writing tests in plain English. Creating tests with Bugdojo is easy. Write regression and functional testing instructions for our testers in plain English. Bugdojo uses an army of experienced testing and QA engineers, who log in and complete tests as they become available. Testers can open the Bugdojo desktop app in their downtime and earn money by testing software for Bugdojo clients. While other QA-as-a-Service platforms use “crowdsourced” testers from online task marketplaces like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Bugdojo aims to focus on quality by recruiting and vetting only experienced QA engineers and testers.