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All-in-one mobile security & performance optimization app for Android devices, protect your phone with AirCover Security. From now on, any android device can use One-touch checkup & scan feature in AirCover Security for performance optimizing, and real-time scanning defense against viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and phone hacking. AirCover Security focuses on Phone Protection, including: Anti-virus, Anti-theft, Web protection, Privacy advisor, Performance, Call & SMS Blocker etc.. Features and Benefits: Checkup

  • One-touch Checkup protects your device from viruses, malware, spyware, and suspicious apps. Anti-Virus
  • Custom scan: scans every installed app & checks your device's security status.
  • Real-time protection: Scan downloaded files and newly installed apps to protect your device.
  • Update database: make sure you are protected from the latest threats by downloading the latest virus database update. Web Protection
  • Account protection: AirCover web shield protects you from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware to ensure the safe of all your mobile account and browsing.
  • Financial protection: provides full protection when using payment or banking apps, or when entering payment Web pages. Anti-Theft
  • Locate your phone: find the location of your lost or stolen phone from AirCover Security website.
  • Backup contacts: ensures you don’t lose any important contacts even the phone is missing.
  • Sound an alarm: you can sound a loud alarm on the missing phone upon command and make it easier to find the lost phone Privacy Advisor
  • AD detector: monitors apps with annoying ads and uninstall unwanted apps forever.
  • App privacy list: scans and displays all apps that access your personal information, such as personal data, contacts, locations, and SMS.
  • Anti-Surveillance: protects your calls from being monitored and eavesdropped (premium). Performance
  • Speed up: close apps/kill tasks that run in the background and clean your history/app cache/junk files