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AdLock is a comprehensive ad blocking software that meets all of your expectations. It blocks:

  • pop-ups;
  • flash banners;
  • video ads;
  • banners with malware code;
  • internet bugs collecting your personal information. This ad blocker makes your browser, your apps, games, and instant messages absolutely ads-free. Why AdLock?
  • No inner advertisements . AdLock is not sponsored by any advertisers and we do not promote any goods. There is no exception when it comes to advertisements blocking, you won’t see any. No more hidden traffic and traffic overlimits You can simply monitor your traffic consumption and enjoy seeing saved megabytes, number of blocked requests, and scam websites. Also, You can restrict internet access on your Android operating gadget to definite apps or stay connected only when screen is on.
  • No more waiting staring in your screen. In comparison with other ad blockers AdLock doesn’t cause your pages to load longer.
  • No more system overload.
  • Extend battery life You can prolong battery power with simple control of your internet usage.
  • Working without ROOT You can simply install AdLock and take advantage of all its features without root-access. AdLock is light and simple. You won’t notice any lags in system performance.